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ruihiru's Journal

♥ 421 LOVE ♥
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Welcome bastards~!!!! <3<3<3<3

This is the community for Eyeshield 21's our most beloved pairing: ruihiru ~♥

If you're a fan of this pairing, I'd suggest you join this place right away or Hiruma will blow yer head of!!

Anyway, this community is still under construction so it's currently without an awesome layout and banner,well of course this lovely pairing needs one and I apologise as your humble admin for not having one yet but I'll get that fixed as soon as possible.

Also, a community needs rules so:


  • First of: You're welcome to do an introduction post here, I'm sure other fans would be glad to get to know you and make new friends who's interessted in the same pairing as they are.

  • Second: You're allowed to post fanfiction, drabbles,icon/banner threads, discussion threads, doujinshi scans and fan art here as long as it's about this pairing. Any other pairings or pairings with only one character of this pairing ex: Agon/Rui is not allowed here since this is a community dedicated for RuiHiru only.
    Advertisements for other communitys or RPs are only allowed if it's related to this pairing.
    If you want to affiliate, feel free to e-mail me at: zora.89@hotmail.com

  • Third: Important to know: When posting a fanfic or fan art of this pairing, do ceep it under a cut, no exeptions. Teasers are ok, same goes for icon posts.
    Please if you post a fan art or fan fic write down at least a short summary of what it's about and put out a rating.
    Allthough RuiHiru smut is deliscious in any kind some people is sensitive or would not like to be fired by their boss for looking at something Nc-17-ish at their workstation. K? K.

  • Fourth: NO FLAMING. WHATSOEVER. IT'S NOT ALLOWED. If you have a problem, get in touch with the admin, which is me. I've left my contact information/e-mail on the bottom on this page.
    Also, no character bashing. (If you hate Agon for beating up Rui WHICH IS UNDERSDTANDABLE, don't bash him. Discussion is ok but ceep away from the hatered folks!)

  • Last but not least: BE YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN~!!

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    Eyeshield 21 italian only community.


    Administrator of this community is: farelle

    Contact information: E-mail is: zora.89@hotmail.com

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions! Thanks for visiting~!

    Pictures for banner and layout for this community are from the Japanese fanart site Chome! And all credit goes to the original artist. A link to the site can not be provided since it's now offline.
    Many thanks to the design made by: nekoi_echizen